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AudioFi is an android app for recording and playback audio from a USB interface.

AudioFi is an android application for recording and playback audio from USB accessories like headsets, microphones, audio interfaces, and dongles.
When a USB audio accessory is plugged in, it becomes the preferred input device. Then, you can control the input through your device.
The recording will be stored as .wav or .aac file in the storage and user can play wav/aac file in the recorded file list.

To use AudioFi, follow these steps:

You may need a USB On the Go (OTG) connector to connect your audio accessory. The micro-USB connector on Android devices doesn’t support host operations by itself.

Make sure your USB audio accessory is supported. Android host mode for audio supports most USB audio class compliant or “driverless” accessories.

Make sure the USB audio accessory has power. You may need a powered USB hub to power your USB audio device so that your device battery does not lose its charge as quickly.

Plug the USB audio accessory into your Android device. Your device will act as a host for input. Follow the accessory instructions for use.
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  • Android OS after 4.2 or higher with USB host function.
  • USB audio recording
  • Set sample rates supported by a connected USB Audio device
  • Control Audio input strength
  • Recorded Audio file list viewer
  • Disturb power save mode during recording


  • WAV, AAC file support
  • Android 4.2 or higher


This is fantastic, I’ve been looking for a USB audio recorder since I have my own mic

Eliezer Roque Cisneros

Excelente alternativa Es la mejor aplicación para capturar audio via USB y encima es gratuita.

Alan Garcia

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