Easy Connectable

Easy Connectable is a wired/wireless Android application for displaying and recording a video, taking a picture from a USB  camera. It maintains image automatically and wirelessly even when wired USB camera connection is disconnected.



  • Wi-Fi connection between USB camera and smartphone
  • – automatic connection: connects to Wi-Fi automatically when USB cable is connected (the user doesn’t need to set the Wi-Fi settings to connect to the camera)
    – manual connection: connect by selecting camera Wi-Fi AP in Wi-Fi settings screen
  • Switches from wired to wireless connection without stopping
    – switches automatically to wireless mode when USB cable is disconnected
    – switches automatically to wired mode when USB cable is connected
    – screen printing and video recording is maintained without stopping while switching to wired or wireless mode
  • Video Size
    • SD(640×480), HD(1280×720), Full HD(1920×1080), etc.
    • It can set screen resolution supported by a USB camera.
  • Video Recording (with audio – In-Mic, UAC)
  • Still Image Capture
  • Display USB camera connection status
  • View recorded video and captured image file

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Image ( sample )