Until now, CameraFi Live has added many new features.

Below are the manuals for features added in CameraFi Live.

If you want to learn more about the feature manuals, please click the red text for each new feature.


With Screen Capture Streaming, you can live broadcast any contents on your screen including mobile games through YouTube and Facebook.












With the updated Facebook Live Poll function, you can add up to 4 options for Facebook Live Poll broadcast and add background option of USB camera.













With Live Poll theme in CameraFi Live, you can create your own Facebook Live Poll.

Check out the manual video of creating Facebook Live Poll – Facebook Live Poll Manual Video












With Text Overlay feature, you can add text in your live broadcast.












With 360-degree Camera Live Streaming feature, you can live stream 360-degree videos using Ricoh Theta S.

Check out the manual video of how to live stream 360-degree video with CameraFi Live. – 360-degree Camera Live Streaming Manual Video

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