Join CameraFi Logo program and get your USB cameras certified.

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A. CameraFi Logo Program
CameraFi Logo Program is a USB camera certification program for camera manufacturers who wants to use CameraFi app.
B. Logo Program Benefits
1) Free watermark removal: If you join CameraFi Logo Program, watermark removal function will be provided for free.
2) Your unique logo icon:
The CameraFi logo icon in the left middle is changed to your unique brand logo when your USB camera is connected.

provide the device's own icon

3) Display information of your products and company
– Link to your homepage: The link to your homepage is given in the app when your USB camera is connected.
– Information about your device: The information about your device is given in the app when your USB camera is connected.














4) Specialized functions:
We add specialized functions for your USB camera on your request such as ‘Autofocus’ function.
C. CameraFi Logo Program Process

certification process




























D. Price

– $5,000 for 1 year

** Save $1,000 by applying for the program until this year. ($4,000 for 1 year)

* Since there is no limitation on device quantity, customers manufacturing diverse USB cameras can certify their products without extra cost. (But, inquiry is necessary for certifying more than 5 devices.)


If you want to see detailed information about CameraFi Logo Program, please refer to the below document.


If you have any questions, please send an email to

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