You can live stream to Facebook Live through CameraFi Live using endoscope. We have tested live streaming using AbleEye, Network Damoil, Kangwon endoscopes.

Here are the equipment used in CameraFi Live live streaming  through endoscope.

  • Phone1 for livestreaming : Samsung Galaxy Note5
  • Endoscope : Network Damoil Endoscope
  • Android App : CameraFi Live

** Watch Endoscope CameraFi Live Video (Korean)

Here is the list of endoscopes that are compatible with CameraFi Live and tested by CameraFi Team.

  • AbleScope A400
  • AbleScope A800
  • Network Damoil DA-C520U
  • Network Damoil DA-C550U
  • Network Damoil DA-C720U
  • Network Damoil DA-C750U
  • Kangwon NM-SE01B
  •  Kangwon NM-SE02B
  • Kangwon NM-SE03B

You can buy these endoscopes in CameraFi Store: CameraFi Store Endoscopes

Image ( sample )