SmartPhone Eye SPC-300 is a special USB camera you can take a photo and record a video

using App(EASY OTG CAMERA) which works on Android version 4.3 or above.

Examples of Uses

SPC300 can be used as a selfie camera, action cam, black box, or magnifier.

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   Product Configuration
Configuration of this unit is as follows. Please find configuration before using.


* Standard Unit
–       The Body     ——– 1 ea

–       Fixed creeps  ———1 ea

–       Pouches      ———1 ea

–       Metal Cap for attaching lens —-1 ea

–       Fishes Lens   ——— 1 ea


* Optional Accessory

–       Head gear

–       Magnify Lens(x60)

–       Fish lens

–       Bicycle /Bike Clip Holder



–       Over Android 4.3 supported

–       Free download from Google play store

–       Focal Length      : 30cm ~∝ , Fixed focus

–       Memory            : Internal Storage

–       Power              : OTG

–       Dimension         : 12Øx40 Micro USB 5pin Cable Length ; 1 Meter

–       Power             : Android OTG

–       Download on mobile phone inner memory



–       Smartphone are able to be supported OTG to recognize USB camera.

–       Sound recording feature is not supported.

–       It works only for Smartphone Eye (Smartphone eye registered Brand).

–       It works only for over Android Version 4.3 and doesn’t work on Apple I-OS. 

Image ( sample )