Supported Devices

CameraFi can be connected to diverse devices.

Compatible Android Device Models

The list of Android device models compatible with CameraFi.

ManufactureModelProduct NameAndroid OS VMUserComment
GooglePixelPixel7.1V* Need Usb-Type C OTG
LGNexus 5XNexus 5X6.0V* Need Usb-Type C OTG
HuaweiNexus 6PH15126.0V* Need Usb-Type C OTG
SamsungGalaxy FoldSM-F907N9.0V
SamsungGalaxy A90 5GSM-A908N9.0V
SamsungGalaxy Note10SM-976N9.0V
SamsungGalaxy S10 5GSM-G977N9.0V
SamsungGalaxy S10SM-G973F/DS9.0V
SamsungGalaxy S9SM-G960N8.0.0V* Need Usb-Type C OTG
SamsungGalaxy S8SM-G9507.0V*minor issue : smartphone camera available only when turning OFF the camera and ON again
SamsungGalaxy S7SM-G930L6.0.1V
SamsungGalaxy S6SM-G92005.0.2V
SamsungGalaxy S5SM-G900L4.4.2V
SamsungGalaxy S5SM-G900L5V
SamsungGalaxy S4SHV-E300L4.4.2V
SamsungGalaxy S4GT-I94054.4.4V
SamsungGalaxy S3SHV-E210K4.1.2V* Not Supported CameraFi Live
- Please use CameraFi Live ICE Version.
SamsungGalaxy S3SHV-E210L4.3V* Not Supported CameraFi Live
- Please use CameraFi Live ICE Version.
SamsungGalaxy Note9SM-N960N9.0V
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1SHV-E230L4.4.4V
SamsungGalaxy Note EdgeSM-N915L4.4.4V
SamSungGalaxy Note8SM-N9507.1.1V
SamsungGalaxy Note7SM-N930S6.0.1V
SamsungGalaxy Note 5SM-N9205.1V*Connectivity issue With MS Cameras -Check the link :
SamsungGalaxy Note 4SM-N910L4.4.4V
SamsungGalaxy Note 3SM-N900L4.4.2V
SamsungGalaxy Note 3SM-N900S4.4.2V
SamsungGalaxy AlphaSM-G850L4.4.4V
SamsungGalaxy Note 3 NeoSM-N750L4.3V
SamsungGalaxy MegaSHV-E310L4.4.2V
SamsungGalaxy Note 2SHV-E250L4.4.2V* Not Supported CameraFi Live
- Please use CameraFi Live ICE Version.
SamsungGalaxy Note 1SHV-E160L4.1.2V
SamsungGalaxy Tab ASM-P5505.0.2V
SamsungGalaxy Tab S 10.5SM-T8054.4.2V
LGG Pro 2LG-F350L4.4.2V
LG GxLG-F310L4.4.2V
LGOptimus G ProLG-F240L4.4.2V
LGG pad 2LG-P815L5.0.2V
ASUSZenfone SelfieASUS_Z00UD5.0.2V
PantechVega Popup NoteIM-A920S4.4.2V
PantechVega Iron2IM-A910K4.4.2V
PantechVega Iron2IM-A910K4.1.2V
PantechVega Secret UpIM-A900S4.4.2V
PantechVega Secret UpIM-A900L4.4.2V
PantechVega Secret NoteIM-890S4.4.2V
PantechVega Secret NoteIM-890L4.4.2V
PantechVega IronIM-A870L4.4.2V
PantechVega No6IM-A860L4.4.2V
PantechVega No6IM-A860S4.1.2V
PantechVega R3IM-A850L4.1.2V
PantechVega R3IM-A850S4.1.2V
SonyXperia Z5 premiumE68836.0.1V
SonyXperia TabletSGP3124.3V
MotorolaMoto EV
AcerIconia One7B1-730HD4.3V
XiaomiHongmi note 3 pro5.1.1V
HTCHtc One(m8)One_M85.0.1V

Incompatible Android Device Models

The list of Android device models incompatible with CameraFi.

ManufactureModelProduct NameHardware ( Chipset )Android OS VMUserComment
HTCOne E9+Mediatek MT6795M Helio X105.0V
HTCOne E9Mediatek MT6795M Helio X105.0V
HTCOne M9+Mediatek MT6795T Helio X10V
HTCDesire 626Mediatek MT67524.4V
HTCDesire 820s dual simMediatek MT67525.0V
HTCDesire 820tMediatek MT6752V
InFocusM530MediaTek MT65954.4.2V
InFocusM320MediaTek MT65924.2.2V
MeizuM1 metalMediatek MT6795 Helio X105.1V
MeizuMX4MediaTek MT65954.4.2V
SonyXperia C5Mediatek MT67525.0V
SonyXperia M5 ( dual)Mediatek MT6795 Helio X10V
LGOptimus LTE2LG-F160L4.1.2V
LGOptimus GLG-F180L4.1V
SamsungGalaxy S2GT-I9100V
HuaweiAscend Mate7MT7-L09HiSilicon Kirin 9254.4.2V
HuaweiHonor 3xG750-T00Mediatek MT6592V
MotorolaMoto GV
LenovoYOGA TABLET 10B8000-HMediatek MT8125V
LenovoP70Mediatek MT6752V
LenovoP780Mediatek MT65894.2.1V
LenovoA5000A5000MediateK MT65824.4V
LenovoA7 50 A3500A3500-HMediateK MT83824.4V
XiaomiRedmiChina(HM2013023)Mediatek MT6589T4.2V
XiaomiRedmi NoteHM NOTE 1W(lcsh92_wet_jb9)Mediatek MT65924.2V
XiaomiRedmi Note2Mediatek MT6795M Helio X105.0V
MicromaxA240 Canvas Doodle 2A240(A240)Mediatek MT65894.2V
MicromaxA106 Unite 2CANVAS UNITE 2(A106)Mediatek MT6582V
XOLOQ1010iQ1010iMediatek MT 65824.4V
PrestigioMultiPhone PAP7600 DUOPAP7600DUOMediatek MT6589T4.2V
ioceanG7Mediatek MT6592V

Verified Camera List

The list of cameras verified by CameraFi.

WebcamLogitech HD Pro Webcam C270V
WebcamLogitech HD Pro Webcam C920V
Web camLogitech webcam C930eV
Web camLogitech HD Webcam C615V
Web camLogitech BCC950 ConferenceCamV
Web CamMicrosoft Lifecam CinemaV
WebcamMicrosoft LifeCam StudioV
WebcamSamsung SPC-A30MV
MicroscopeECWOX Superscope K39V
MicroscopeECWOX Superscope C001V
MicroscopeGeneral Tool Product #57-4574-6V
MicroscopeAbleScope V1-200USBplusV
MicroscopeAbleScope eheV2-USBplusV
MicroscopeAbleScope eheV3-LV
EndoscopeAbleScope A400V
EndoscopeAbleScope A800V
TelescopeUSB Electronic EyepieceV
ModuleDSPC-8601-USBE V1-Channel High-Speed USB Video Capture Module with SDK
MicroscopeDigibird MSP-5000V
MicroscopeDigibird MSP-2000V
MicroscopeDigibird OPT-230V
MicroscopeDigibird OPT-500V
EndoscopeNetwork Damoil DA-C520UV
EndoscopeNetwork Damoil DA-C550UV
EndoscopeNetwork Damoil DA-C720UV
EndoscopeNetwork Damoil DA-C750UV
MicroscopeKangwon NM-SE01MV
MicroscopeKangwon NM-SE02MV
MicroscopeKangwon NM-SE03MV
EndoscopeKangwon NM-SE01BV
EndoscopeKangwon NM-SE02BV
EndoscopeKangwon NM-SE03BV
Wearable CameraSmartPhone Eye SPC-300V
MicroscopeGenietech Smart G-SCOPEV
Wearable CameraComart Android OTG camV
MicroscopeFixcope Digital MicroscopeV