[Article] AVerMedia’s Driverless Capture Card BU110 Got Technology Trend Gold Awards

[Article] AVerMedia’s Driverless Capture Card BU110 Got Technology Trend Gold Awards


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BU110 got the Technology Trend Gold Awards of 2017.

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The article source : https://gnn.gamer.com.tw/6/157726.html

Yuan Gang’s “Ares Barrett gaming soundbar” and other products won the Gold Award 2017 Technology Trend five awards


Yuan Gang said that its “Driverless Image BU110” and “Ares Barrett Gaming Soundbar GS333” won the 10th Technology Trend Gold Award “2017 Top 10 Gold Award” and other five awards; which Ares Barrett Power Winning Soundbar won two, namely “Special Recommended Gold Award” and “Popular Gold Award.”


Technology Trend Gold Award is sponsored by City State Media KTV, PC King and PChome. It has entered the 10th year this year with the main purpose of encouraging and honoring all kinds of annual outstanding science and technology products. A total of 216 shortlisted entries this year, divided into 19 categories. The jury by the most credible and professional editors, well-known bloggers, science and technology professionals, such as nearly 30 common composition, the sum of all the points, from all categories of shortlisted products to determine the award-winning products. In particular, in the “TOP 10 Gold Award of the Year”, the organizers specially invited eight experts from the industry, customs and academic circles to select the 22 products to be selected for the election.
  The round of science and technology trends in the gold medal in technology trends, “free drive image capture BU110” and “Ares Barrett gaming Soundbar GS333” and other two finalists, won a total of five awards, including the importance of this conference Awards. Among them, God of War Barrett gaming Soundbar received two, namely “Special Recommended Gold Award” and “popular situation Gold Award”; and free driver image capture BU110 in the current technology trend Gold Award is even more brilliant, won the “outstanding Technology Gold Award “,” Gold Award of popularity “and the top prize of” Top 10 Gold Award 2017 “issued on the same day.



  • Award-winning product introduction – BU110 driverless image capture
  ”Drive-free image extractor BU110″ looks simple, small size and use without having to install the driver. In addition to being able to broadcast via computer, it is more suitable for live broadcasts, enabling all media or bloggers to broadcast 1080p60 live video at live events or press conferences. When using, just need to connect the professional camera and Android mobile phone that you carry, and start the live broadcast software CameraFi LIVE on your mobile phone. At the same time, PIP layouts such as dual-lens and logo layers can also be made available through live streaming software to enhance the professional and interactive nature of your Live Streaming, a live content product that allows users to enjoy both quality and convenience.