CameraFi – Connect USB Camera and Webcam on Android (No Rooting)

CameraFi – Connect USB Camera and Webcam on Android (No Rooting)

CameraFi App allows you to display the video or take pictures using your USB camera.

CameraFi SDK has been included in it. Check out some of the features our application offers users or download from Google Play. (Download)

CameraFi SDK has a library that provides applications with access for controlling data transfer to and from USB Cameras on Android, without the need for rooting.


– Android OS after 4.1.2 or higher with USB host function.

– Video mode: SD(640×480), HD(1,280×720), Full HD(1,920×1,080) and etc.

– Still image capture

– Video recording

– Camera Control (Manual Focus and etc.)

[Compatible on Android Device Model]

– Please refer to ‘CameraFi – Supported Android Device’

[License Types]

Type App ownership Description
CameraFi App Branding Vault Micro, Inc. Vault Micro  has developed an app to add custom functionality for the camera’s features.
CameraFi SDK Customers Customers develop apps using the CameraFi SDK.


– Not all Android devices can work the library. And we can’t guarantee the performance too. You could check it on Camerafi App on Google play first.

– We introduce customer’s USB camera in our company web site and our application sites.

– All apps that use CameraFi-Lib should include CameraFi mark.

– You need to sign a license agreement with us. You can’t distribute the library itself.

– We serve some customizations if those are easy to implement. Please ask us.

CameraFi Lab Edition on Google Play

Sponsorship registration is required in order to register the camera on CameraFi App.

CameraFi App Branding

The USB camera app that reflects the diverse customer requirements based on CameraFi-Lib can provide end-user.

A reference sample of CameraFi App Branding : Smart S-Cope

Benefits Camera registration criteria Per Product Camera Model
Basic features- Display a video- Still image capture
Plugins- Video recording- Camera control

– Vendor requirement

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Technical supports Issue Ticket System

CameraFi SDK (Software Development Kit)

Customers can develop a camera app for the desired function using CameraFi SDK.

The majority of our items (View, Still image capture) are covered by CameraFi SDK standard license. Free trial SDK available.

No Contents Note
1 Library (Binary)
2 Android App (App, source code)
3 Documentation

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