[CameraFi Live Manual] How to Use the Pen Feature

[CameraFi Live Manual] How to Use the Pen Feature


This is CameraFi Live team.



From now on, I will introduce how to use the pen feature of CameraFi Live.

  1. Click the pen button on the right top.



2. You can choose the thickness and the color of the pen on the left bottom.



3. Draw what you want with the pen.



4. You can also use the eraser and trash can button in order to erase and delete what you drew.



5. You could finish the pen feature by clicking the pen button again.2%ec%99%bc%ec%aa%bd%ec%97%90%ec%84%9c%ec%83%89%ec%83%81%ea%b3%bc%ea%b5%b5%ea%b8%b0%ec%84%a0%ed%83%9d


Thank you for your interest in CameraFi Live.

See you  :).