[CameraFi Live Manual] How to use YouTube Live Poll feature

[CameraFi Live Manual] How to use YouTube Live Poll feature

Hello, this is CameraFi Live Team

Today, I will show you how to use live poll feature on YouTube.

Now you can live broadcast live poll through YouTube, besides Facebook.

Please click here for Facebook Live Poll Function Manual.

The different points compared to Facebook Live Poll feature are:

1) Viewers vote by numbers through chatting.

YouTube Live Poll uses numbers for voting instead of Facebook reaction features.

You can vote once for each account and the live poll will recognize your most recent voted number.

2) For the background, you can use smartphone camera instead of USB camera.

To use smartphone camera as the background, first press the plus(+) button in the bottom left, then select Camera and press OK. Then, press the check button in the upper right.

Now you can live stream characters that you like through your smartphone camera.


If you have any questions about YouTube Live Poll feature, please send us an e-mail to apps.help@vaultmicro.com


Thank you.