CameraFi Live to Release Game Live Broadcasting Feature

CameraFi Live to Release Game Live Broadcasting Feature

CameraFi Live to Release Game Live Broadcasting Feature
Live Streaming Era Has Come Also for Mobile Game

Vault Micro, Inc. has released screen broadcasting feature in CameraFi Live, Android live streaming app on 28th. Screen broadcasting feature lets game users to live broadcast their mobile game playing screen through YouTube and Facebook using just smartphone front camera and built-in microphone without installing additional software or hardware.

Mobile gaming market has shown high growth due to improvement of network environment and distribution of smartphones. According to the “Global Game Market Report” by Newzoo, for the first time, mobile gaming in 2016 is expected to surpass PC gaming with $36.9 billion and in 2019, it will account for about 50% of total gaming market, reaching revenue of $52.5 billion. As mobile gaming market expands, not only PC gaming but also demands for live broadcasting mobile gaming has increased largely. ‘Twitch’, the leader in game live streaming field, was sold to Amazon for $970 million, attracting unusual interest from IT, media and entertainment industry and Google has shown live streaming feature through ‘YouTube Gaming’.


Seongil Kim, the CEO of Vault Micro, Inc. said, “Mobile game live streaming is an effective marketing method and is also considered valuable as broadcasting contents itself. By utilizing CameraFi Live’s live video editing technology into game broadcasting, CameraFi Live can offset the weakness of short time of mobile gaming and it can also help in activating communities.”

CameraFi Live is an Android YouTube and Facebook live streaming app released in last December. Not only you can live broadcast with few touches, but also you can apply variety of real-time editing features such as image and text overlay, video filters, pen feature and etc. and you can live stream through live streaming service platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Furthermore, it is well known as a mobile app enabling professional broadcasting by using not only smartphone camera but also external accessory cameras such as camcorder, DSLR, drone, 360-degree camera and etc. Currently, people from 199 different countries are streaming live through CameraFi Live and an average of 8,000 events is broadcasted every day. (Based on Dec. 2016)

Meanwhile, Vault Micro, Inc., established in 2009, is a software specialized company developing device driver and management software needed in all kinds of embedded fields like IoT, mobile and automobile.