[CameraFi Live Update] Add Audio Mixer & View Page_V.

[CameraFi Live Update] Add Audio Mixer & View Page_V.

[CameraFi Live Update_V.]

CameraFi Live has been updated with audio mixer and YouTube view page.

Here’s the list of the update!


1) Added a setting for VBR(Variable bitrate)

-According to the network environment, bitrate changes automatically which enables the live streaming without pauses.


2)Added an option for Audio file Mixing

-Apply Audio & MP3 file as BGM(Background Music)

*USB camera audio is not available.


3) Added Youtube View Page

-You can see the how other CameraFi Live users broadcast & communicate with them.

4) Bug fixes and improvements


You can download CameraFi Live here at the below link;



For more information, please feel free to reply to the post 🙂