[CameraFi Live Update] Front Camera Size, Recording, RTMPS_V1.20.27.0428

[CameraFi Live Update] Front Camera Size, Recording, RTMPS_V1.20.27.0428

[CameraFi Live Update] Front Camera Size, Recording, RTMPS_V1.20.27.0428

CameraFi Live has been updated with various features.

Let’s see what has been changed!

1) Adjust the front camera size in screen broadcasting mode

– You can adjust your front camera size in screen broadcasting mode.

2) Make front camera mirror image
– Your front camera will be shown as flipped horizontally like a mirror mode.

3) Add recording mode

– Before getting YouTube live authentication or getting used to live-streaming, you can test your live video with recording mode.

4) Supports Facebook RTMPS broadcasting

– From May 1st, Facebook changed its live-streaming to RTMPS in order to provide higher level of security.

5) Fixed Galaxy Note9 60fps issue

– The issue is solved that on Galaxy Note 9, camera is stopped and not shown in 60fps live-streaming.

6) Other performance improvements

– Some performance index including CPU usage and temperature is improved.


You can download CameraFi Live here at the below link;
– https://goo.gl/qjtCVD

For more information, please feel free to contact via apps help center(apps.help@vaultmicro.com).