[CameraFi Live Update] How to Use CameraFi Live Text Overlay

[CameraFi Live Update] How to Use CameraFi Live Text Overlay


This is CameraFi Live team.


Thank you for waiting for us for the official version of CameraFi Live.

With the official version release, CameraFi Live is not beta version anymore.


From now on, I will introduce how to use the text overlay feature.

  1. Swipe from right to left for the right swipe menu which is showing TEXT.


2. Click the TEXT and you can see the screen like below;

You can choose the color, font, or the background label for texts.


3. Write the text at the white box on the above picture.


4. Choose your background label for the text and adjust the size of the text in the label.


5. Put your text wherever you want to put.



6.  With the On button, you can fix your text.



7. The maximum text overlay is THREE.



8. You can delete your text overlay on the right swipe menu.





Thank you for your interest in CameraFi Live.

See you  :).