[CameraFi Live Update] How to Use Live Poll Function

[CameraFi Live Update] How to Use Live Poll Function


This is CameraFi Live team.


CameraFi Live will be updated today adding Live poll feature.

You can use it as the Facebook marketing tool or just for fun 🙂


I will introduce how to use the live poll feature.


  1. Swipe from right to left for the right swipe menu which is showing THEME.



2. After clicking THEME, you can see the Poll theme.



3. The below picture is the page after you choose Poll theme.

With the plus(+) button in the picture, you can add your own image.

You can also choose the background of the poll.



4. After adding the images, click the upper right check(V) button.

Cat vs Dog. Which one do you like better?



5. With the GO button, you can broadcast your live voting poll on Facebook.



Thank you for your interest in CameraFi Live.

See you :).