[CameraFi Live Update] How to Use New Facebook Live Poll Function

[CameraFi Live Update] How to Use New Facebook Live Poll Function

CameraFi Live has been updated with new facebook live poll functions.


How to Use New Facebook live poll function of CameraFi Live?


From now on, I will tell you step-by-step.


1)Swipe from right to left for the right swipe menu which is showing THEME.



2) After clicking THEME, you can see the Poll theme.



3) The below picture is the page after you choose Poll theme.

With the Count (+) or (-) button, you can increase or increase the poll option.

The maximum option is four.


4) With the Shape button, you can choose the poll option shape as Square, Circle, Not used.



4-2) If you choose the Not used option, you do not have to add the poll options’ images.




5) You can also choose the background of the poll.

Updated version of CameraFi Live supports the USB camera option.


5-2) If you choose USB camera, you can make a live poll like the below picture;



6) After finishing the process, click the upper right check(V) button.



7) The Audio source control is just like the previous version.

Swipe from left to right.



8) With the GO button, you can create a live poll with CameraFi Live.




If you have more question, please visit CameraFi Facebook page and write a visitors’ post.

Thank you.