[CameraFi Live Update] How to Use Screen Cature Streaming

[CameraFi Live Update] How to Use Screen Cature Streaming


This is CameraFi Live team.


From now on, I will introduce how to use the screen live-streaming function of CameraFi Live.

Screen capture streaming function can be used on the Android version 5.0 and above.

1.Choose Screen Capture function and live service platform like YouTube or Facebook.

Then, click the START button.



2. With the START button, you can see the grey LIVE button.

You can have the self-camera while you are playing mobile games with Camera button.

Purchase button leads you to the Google In-app purchase of the CameraFi Live subscription.

CameraFi Live button is for going back to the first page of the CameraFi Live app.




3. With the GO button of the picture in NO.2, you can make the live event for screen streaming.

Then, click the CREATE button.



4. Grey LIVE icon changes to the red one once it starts live-streaming.



5. With the red LIVE button, you can use the various functions like sharing, chatting, camera, purchasing, and etc.

If you want to stop broadcasting, please click the STOP button.



6. By tapping the OK button of the closing pop-up message, you can end your live broadcast.



7. If you want to share your live video after the broadcast, please click the Share button.


That’s what screen streaming is!


From now on, you can live-stream your mobile game through YouTube and Facebook.

I hope you to enjoy the games with CameraFi Live and your viewers.


CameraFi Live’s new feature might be very helpful for advertising the game.

If any game company wants to cooperate with us, please send us the e-mail.


If you are curious about the feature, please send us the e-mail to apps.help@vaultmicro.com


Thank you 🙂