CameraFi Live Webcam Livestreaming Manual

CameraFi Live Webcam Livestreaming Manual

Today, I am going to explain how to livestream with webcam through CameraFi Live.

Here are the equipment you need to prepare.


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Equipment Information

– Android Phone: Android phone that has installed CameraFi Live

– Webcam: Able to connect webcams that comes with USB

Verified Product

* Logitech Webcam C930e

– Smartphone Tripod: Supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of smartphone

– OTG Cable: Cable that connects USB to Android phone

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Matters that require attention

1) Verifying YouTube Livestreaming: You need to verify YouTube livestreaming in order to use YouTube livestreaming.

2) Battery: Android Phone battery can quickly consume battery when livestreaming, so check if you have charged enough and length of livestreaming time before livestreaming. Also, prepare for extra battery to use for emergency.