CameraFi Logo Program

USB camera certification program for camera manufacturers who wants to use CameraFi app.

Logo Program Benefits

Support Product Advertising

If you join CameraFi Logo Program, you can advertise your products through diverse Channels like at CameraFi Facebook page and CameraFi Store. Average post of CameraFi Facebook reach 50K per month

Provide ‘Watermark Removal’ and other Paid Features

Watermark Removal function is provided for free and you can use other paid features like Ruler Plug-in without extra fee.

Enhance Product Reliability Through Certification System

You can make your products more reliable through CameraFi Logo Program.

Service Price

$5,000 / 1 year

  • Since there is no limitation on device quantity, customers manufacturing diverse USB cameras can certify their products without extra cost. (But, inquiry is necessary for certifying more than 5 devices.)
  • If you have any questions, please send an email to

CameraFi Logo Program Process

Certification Process of USB camera(s) between camera manufacturer and Vault Micro, Inc.