CameraFi SDK

Create an app that can connect USB camera to smartphones.

About CameraFi SDK

CameraFi SDK allows users to connect a USB camera to an Android phone and control the camera from the phone. With CameraFi SDK, users can develop an app with USB camera connection.

** NOTE: Currently, we have stopped providing CameraFi SDK2.

If you are interested in CameraFi SDK, leave your contact info and inquiry by clicking the below blue button, “GET STARTED”.

If you are USB camera manufacturer, please go to the CameraFi Logo Program.

Pricing Plan

Annual License VIP
Billed annually $14,000/year +
$5,000 (initial fee)
Fully Customizable
Access to online issue ticketing system O O
Customization or change request X O


Create an app with USB camera connection using CameraFi SDK. In order to purchase the SDK, you have to agree to the CameraFi SDK Terms of Service

  • Connects USB camera
  • Take photos and record videos
  • Save/ view photos and videos
  • Control your camera
  • Share your content
  • Android 4.3 and more


Questions about CameraFi SDK.

Does CameraFi SDK have the different pricing plan for the one who is not releasing in app stores(Google Play, Apple Store)?

If you are planning to make an app which is not released in app stores, please give us the inquiry e-mail via

What happens if I upgrade my pricing plan during an “Annual License" plan?

If you want to customize the SDK, you can upgrade to VIP plan.


If you’ve signed up for a plan using annual billing, and would like to upgrade during the year, your billing cycle will restart on the day of the upgrade, and you will only pay for the remaining differences.

Does CameraFi SDK support Android Nougat version?

The previous CameraFi SDK does not support video recording feature in Android Nougat version.

Now, we provide the video recording feature in the Android 7.0 version or above.

I am USB camera manufacturer. I want my USB camera users to use various functions of CameraFi for free.

If you are USB camera manufacturer and want your camera users to use all the functions of CameraFi, CameraFi Logo Program is for you.

It is the USB camera certification program for camera manufacturers who want to use CameraFi app.

For more information about CameraFi Logo Program, go to the link below;


Companies using CameraFi SDK.