Facebook Livestreaming with CameraFi Live

Facebook Livestreaming with CameraFi Live

Did you know that ‘CameraFi Live’ can be broadcasted through Facebook?

We are still on the process and we can broadcast live with drones, action cams, camcorders and scopes.

facebook first image

We will show you the endless possibilities of CameraFi Live through the test live-streaming with Facebook.

If you are interested in watching CameraFi’s live Facebook video, please watch the live video that are uploaded at 10:00 p.m. EST (NY time) in the link below.

** CameraFi Facebook page

You can check out the videos that we have broadcasted through Facebookby clicking the link below.

페이스북 라이브 방송 광고_01_wearable camera

페이스북 라이브 방송 광고_02EN

  • Microscope (Coming soon)

페이스북 라이브 방송 광고_03EN

  • Drone (Coming soon)

페이스북 라이브 방송 광고_04EN