How to Bring a Scheduled Live Broadcast (YouTube)

How to Bring a Scheduled Live Broadcast (YouTube)

Hello. This is CameraFi Live team.


Today I am going to introduce you how to bring a scheduled live YouTube broadcast.

If you are scheduling a live broadcast, you can broadcast a scheduled live stream with CameraFi Live app.

Let’s start from scheduling the live broadcast.


  1. Click the “Creator Studio” button on the right top of YouTube webpage.


2. Go to “Events” tab under the live streaming menu.

3. Click the “New live event” button on the right top.

4. It brings you to the page like below picture.

You can set the title and the scheduled time for live streaming.

Then, click the blue “Create event” button on the right bottom. 

Then, you finished scheduling live event.
From now on, let’s find scheduled live event through CameraFi Live app.
(CameraFi Live)
1. With the READY button on right side, you can see the two small button on right top.
Left one is choosing the video thumbnails. Right one is the button for scheduled live video.
Let’s add video thumbnail image first.
The video thumbnail image is the first preview image on your broadcast.
2. Click the left one and choose the image .
Then, click the Done on the right top.
3. You can see the video thumbnail image.
4. If you click the right button on the 1st image, you can see the scheduled live video list.
Click the one you want to broadcast and click the Done on the right top.
5. With the GO button, you can live stream on YouTube right away.
Thank you 🙂