How to Broadcast Live on Facebook with Your Smartphone Camera

How to Broadcast Live on Facebook with Your Smartphone Camera

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.


According to Facebook Platform Policy 20.2,

CameraFi Live cannot use Facebook Live API to enable a mobile camera to live stream to Facebook.


You can live-stream on Facebook by connecting webcams, or other external cameras, or with other video sources.

For more information about Facebook platform policy, please refer to Facebook Platform Policy (Live API 20.2).


However, you can broadcast with your smartphone camera if you are using Custom RTMP streaming.

From now on, I will tell you to broadcast what your smartphone camera is taking on Facebook using Custom RTMP streaming.

You need a laptop(or computer) and a smartphone.

#1. Click Live Video/Live menu on the top posting menu.

You can broadcast on your Facecebook timeline/channel/group.

(Facebook Timeline)


(Facebook Channel)

(Facebook Group)

#2. Choose Connect between two options(camera, connect).(Laptop).

#3. Copy Server URL and Stream Key, and then send it to your messenger(ex. Whatsapp, Facebook messenger).

*** Here’s a tip! Check “Use a persistent stream key” and you do not have to change stream key for each broadcast.


#4. Now, let’s open CameraFi Live and choose CUSTOM RTMP  tap on the first page.

#5. Write the Server URL and Stream Key that you sent it in the process #3.

#6. Click the GO button of CameraFi Live and you can see the preview display on your laptop.

#7. Make the Video title and tags and click the GO LIVE button on the right bottom.

That’s it!

It seems complicated, but once you are done, you can start from #5 in the next broadcast.