[Manual] How to Broadcast with AR Emoji on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 | 10+ 5G

[Manual] How to Broadcast with AR Emoji on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 | 10+ 5G

Hi, this is CameraFi Live manager.


With the latest update, CameraFi Live has added special features for Galaxy Note 10 | 10+ 5G users.


Today I’d like to introduce how to broadcast live with AR Emoji.

*AR Emoji live-streaming feature is only on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10| 10+ 5G.

AR emoji is an emoji that analyzes facial features and delivers facial expression changes.

You can use either Samsung AR Emoji(basic/mask mode) or your personalized AR Emoji.


Creating your own AR Emoji, called My Emoji, is simple.

Open the Camera app, switch to AR Emoji mode, and then tap “Make my Emoji”.


Using AR Emoji in CameraFi Live is very easy.

  1. Choose AR Emoji button() at the left bottom.


2. Choose the AR emoji you want and broadcast!

First tap() includes Samsung Emoji and My Emoji.

Second tap() includes various stickers.

There are three modes in AR Emoji; Basic, Mask, Sticker

1)Basic: Basic AR Emoji that has AR Emoji and background

2) Mask: AR Emoji that covers your face only


3) Sticker: Stickers that applied on your face


With AR Emoji live-streaming feature on Galaxy Note 10|10+ 5G, you can create funnier live-streaming.

I hope this feature would make a better way to communicate with your fans!


If you have any questions about AR Emoji, please send us the email(apps.help@vaultmicro.com).


Thank you! 🙂