[Manual] How to Choose a Microphone(Bluetooth/Internal/Wired)

[Manual] How to Choose a Microphone(Bluetooth/Internal/Wired)

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.


You can choose among the Bluetooth/Internal/Wired microphone in the latest CameraFi Live.


CameraFi Live started to support not only smartphone internal mic bu also Bluetooth / wired mic.

You can improve your sound quality by using various high-quality microphones.


As the microphone coverage may vary by the smartphone model and firmware version, you have to check if it works in your smartphone.



1.Swipe from left to right on the main screen.


2.Click MIC1 and turn on.


3. Choose a microphone that you’d like to use in the popup message.

  • Bluetooth Microphone
  • Internal mic / wired mic

*If you cannot see the popup, please turn off MIC1 and turn it on again.


4. Check if the yellow gauge on the microphone moves according to your sound.




If you have any issue with a sound quality or noise, please check if your smartphone supports Bluetooth microphone or internal / wired mic.


We will do our best to solve your inconvenience while live-streaming.


Thank you 🙂