[Manual] How to Use a Camera Pro Mode

[Manual] How to Use a Camera Pro Mode

CameraFi Live team recently added the camera pro mode.


You can manually adjust ISO, exposure level, shutter speed, and white balance to broadcast like a professional.

You can see the difference between before and after the camera pro mode.


How can you use the feature? Let’s start from the beginning!


1. Swipe from left to right on the main screen.


2. Choose the VIDEO1 and click Pro to activate the feature.


3. Adjust ISO, exposure levels, shutter speed, and white balance to get the very video style you want.


You can control the different levels of ISO, exposure, and shutter speed according to different lighting conditions.

By ISO, exposure, shutter speed settings, you can get the wonderful video even in a dark place or at night.


White balance(WB) control enables you to change the “color temperature” of a light source.

You can make your video relatively warm or cool according to the white balance figures.


If you have any questions about the feature or CameraFi Live, please send us the email via apps.help@vaultmicro.com.


Thank you.