[Manual] How to use Chat Overlay feature on broadcast

[Manual] How to use Chat Overlay feature on broadcast

Hello, this is CameraFi Live Team.

I will show you how to use Chat Overlay feature on broadcast.

1) Swipe from right to the left to control the Right Swipe Menu.


2) Select PlugIn in the menu, then Chat Overlay will show up.

3) Select Chat Overlay feature.

Chat Overlay feature won’t be activated if you simply press Chat Overlay PlugIn.

4) Press Chat Overlay feature in the menu again. Then, swipe the white circle to the right. Then, press the white circle to activate Chat Overlay. If yellow line shows up, this means that Chat Overlay is applied.




Actually, broadcasters can see chatting screen like the below.

With Chat Overlay feature, now your broadcast viewers can see the chatting screen in the left with the broadcast.

If you have any questions about YouTube Live Poll feature, please send us an e-mail to apps.help@vaultmicro.com


Thank you.