[Manual] How To Use Dynamic Text in Scoreboard

[Manual] How To Use Dynamic Text in Scoreboard

Do you like to make your own scoreboard in your live-streaming?

How about using dynamic text feature?

You can write your own scoreboard information, team name, and score!

I hope this feature would be helpful for sports streamers.


Let’s go step by step!

1.Click the emoji icon on the left bottom.


2. Text icon with star is for dynamic text effects.


You can make your own subscription & like promotion effects.

Three types of scoreboard effects are updated in the version.


3. Click the {} field and you can enter the corresponding value in the scoreboard.

Click the Team1 to change the team name.

Here’s a tip of CameraFi Live manager!

To adjust the location, there’s a default space in each field.

Do NOT erase it all. Please fill in the text according to the space automatically set here.

If you delete all the spaces and then type texts, the position will not be correct and you have to adjust the position of the letters again.


4. You can do the same settings in the Settings menu with gear button on the main page.

Click Dynamic text of EFFECT SETTINGS.

After entering values, click check(V) button on the right top.

I hope this to be helpful for you to use CameraFi Live.


Thank you.