Fixcope is a simple, light, handy digital microscope for the best portability. nibh.

Fixcope digital microscope

Fixcope is a digital microscope which can be connected to smartphones.(Android)

  • Manipulate it easily with smoothly moving wheel!
  • Light control is also available with the smaller wheel attached on cable line

Technical Details

Category \ Model Fixcope 500DE
USB Type USB 2.0
Image Sensor CMOS
Image Output Resolution SD
Controller High speed DSP
Focus 0~40mm
Light Built-in 8 white light LED
Frame Rate 30fps under 600LUX
Magnification Range 10x~500x
Power Supply OTG port(5V DC)
Dimension 112mm(L) x 33mm(R)

Package Details

  • Fixcope 500DE
  • Metal stand
  • Graduated ruler
  • OTG cap for PC
  • Transparent lid