Settings for USB connectivity in Sony Xperia Z series

Settings for USB connectivity in Sony Xperia Z series

FAQ : Sony Xperia Z3

Q : CamerFi doesn’t work!

Many Sony Xperia Z series users left comments that CameraFi doesn’t work. CameraFi team has analyzed the problem and as a result, we found out that you have to set settings for USB connectivity in Z3.


For Korean: Vault Micro CameraFi_Sony_Z3_settings_Korean

For English: Vault Micro CameraFi_Sony_Z3_settings_English

For Chinese: Vault Micro CameraFi_Sony_Z3_settings_Chinese


If you follow the steps below, you will be able to use CameraFi.

  1. Go to your smartphone settings. -> Touch ‘Xperia Connectivity’ menu.


  1. Touch ‘USB Connectivity’ menu.


  1. Touch ‘Detect USB device’ menu. -> Connect to USB camera.


  1. Your phone will detect connected USB camera.


  1. After some time, CameraFi detects USB camera. If you press OK button, CameraFi will operate.



  • Image of connecting CameraFi to Sony Xperia Z3+

Xperia_CameraFi 연결모습