[Test Result] CameraFi Live’s Long-term Live-streaming Test using External Battery

[Test Result] CameraFi Live’s Long-term Live-streaming Test using External Battery


This is CameraFi Live team.


Today I’d like to share you the test result of long-term live broadcast using Xiaomi external power bank.



  • Test Environment

– CameraFi Live Version : v1.10.17.1128

– Smartphone : Galaxy S8

– Camera : Sony  HDR-PJ675 (Assuming an environment where you can easily shoot from the outside, camera charger is not connected.)

– HDMI-USB capture card : AVerMedia ExtremeCap BU110

– External Battery : Xiaomi Power Bank 16000mAh (About 2 years passed since the purchase)

– USB Charging Hub : J5 create NEXT–JCA374

1.After 2 hours and 33 minutes of testing, the battery of the connected Sony camera is exhausted.

The cell phone battery balance remained 100% and Xiaomi external battery has one lamp blinking among 4 lamps.

2. We also tested broadcasting by connecting a charger to the camera.

We carried out live broadcast test until the battery of the external bank and the mobile phone was exhausted.

After 4 hours of broadcasting, you can see that 15% of the smartphone battery is left.


**We found out that the remaining batter power of the smartphone different depending on the device connecting order.

1.With the camera and external battery connected to the USB hub, and connecting a USB hub to a mobile phone –

                – Two hours after starting the broadcast, but the battery is kept at 100%.


2.Connecting the camera to the USB hub –> Connecting the USB hub to the smartphone –>

After recognizing the USB device to the smartphone, connecting external battery to the USB hub – 

           -30 minutes after the broadcast, the phone battery dropped to 94%.


*The below test result can be increased or decreased depending on several factors such as:

-USB camera type

-external battery type and the status of it

-smartphone performance and phone battery status


Thank you.