[Update] CameraFi’s New App, Dashcam9 Is Released.

[Update] CameraFi’s New App, Dashcam9 Is Released.

The must-have app for your safe driving, Dashcam9 is released.

Main features are explained at the below;



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[Main Features]

1) Background Shooting
Recording continues while using other apps, such as navigation and music streaming apps.
You can reduce battery consumption by turning off the screen and hiding the recorded video.

2) Connecting external camera
You can connect an external camera to record both front and rear video simultaneously.

3) Automatic Recording Before & After Your Accident
The event data recorder (EDR) function records information before and after an accident.
5 seconds before and after the accident will be recorded automatically.

4) Speed / Location / Time Overlay
Speed, location, and time information, which is essential information of the black box, is overlaid on the screen.

5) Various Themes
You can choose among diverse display themes.

6) PIP(Picture-in-Picture)
Both front and rear videos can be saved in a single video simultaneously.

7) Checking Your Driving Route
Supports GPX. It is easy to check the route that you moved on the map data.

8) Various Saving Options
You could saving videos in internal/external memory and by time units.
Dashcam9 also provides automatic memory deletion when the settled storage space is exceeded.

9) Power Saving Mode
Automatic screen off mode will be added soon.