Connect various cameras to smartphone with CameraFi technology.

What will you create with CameraFi?

  • CameraFi: S/W platform that connects USB/Wi-Fi camera to a smartphone
  • CameraFi Live: Android application for real time live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, USTREAM and Wowza that can connect external cameras to a smartphone

Use Case

CameraFi can be applied in various areas using diverse kinds of cameras.

Applications: Entertainment, Sports, Music, Company Marketing, Events, Games, Drones

Cameras: Mobile camera, 360-degree VR camera, drone, wearable camera, DSLR, camcorder, etc.

Applications: Medical, Hair & Scalp, Dermatology, Beauty, Skin, Veterinary, Animal Examinations

Cameras: Microscope (hair, skin, ear, nose, throat, ophthalmology, dental, etc.), Endoscope, Thermometer

Applications: Industrial, Jewelry, PCB & IC, Engineering, Repair

Cameras: Microscope, Borescope, Endoscope, Telescope

Applications: Automotive, Bike, Aviation, Sports

Cameras: Dash camera, Action cam, Car camera, wearable camera, drone

CameraFi Store

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Connect USB Camera and Webcam on Android Mobile Phones/Tablets

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