CameraFi Live

Share your special moments anytime, anywhere with CameraFi Live.

CameraFi LIVE

CameraFi Live is an Android app for live streaming on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook that can help streamers to broadcast high-quality videos easily with their mobile. It supports diverse camera connection and real-time video editing features.

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  • Select Mode
    Choose between Camera and Screen modes to either broadcast your camera shooting or smartphone screen.


  • External Camera Connection
    It supports external camera connection. You are able to live stream high-quality videos through clear shooting and zoom function using USB cameras with high performance (camcorder, DSLR, etc.).(Max. FHD/30fps)(HDMI to UVC converter required.)


  • Image, Text, Video, Audio Overlay
    You can easily add image/video/audio files while live-streaming. You can write the text overlay as well.


  • Video Filter
    Various video filters including Emboss, mosaic, mono, toon would make your live eye-catching.


  • Chat Overlay
    Show chat data to your broadcast. Super Chat is also shown in your live.


  • Web Browser Overlay
    You can connect live-streaming donation/subscription alert platforms such as Streamlabs by web source overlay. Monetize your live broadcast.


  • Motion Effect
    Apply diverse cool effects to attract viewers. Motion effects from scoreboards to news graphics can be used in sports live-streaming, news reporting and etc.


  • Live Poll (YouTube)
    A live poll is a great way for marketing when releasing the new product or hosting a promotion event.


  • Picture in Picture (PIP)
    Picture in picture means that you can show the two video sources at the same time. With PIP feature, your broadcast would look more professional.


  • Save a Live Video
    You can save your live-streaming video in your smartphone memory to create a highlight video for your live.
  • Audio Mixer
    Use free copyright music files as BGM(background music) for your live.


  • Preset
    Apply various overlays within a few clicks? Faster broadcasting preparation is available thanks to preset feature.


  • Multiple shot
    With a built-in smartphone camera, you can create multiple shots like you use several cameras.


  • Multi-stream
    You can broadcast to 30+ streaming platforms using Restream.


  • Screen Capture Live (Game Live)
    – Share your game playing on YouTube, Facebook and without installing additional software or hardware. You can broadcast all kinds of game genres like RPG, FPS, strategy, puzzle, sports, card battle and etc.


  • Dashboard(Analytics)
    You can get broadcasting related information such as viewers, chats, data usage, and export the data to a csv file.


* Compatible Android version
– Android version 5.0 or above


* Interfaces
– Video source: built-in Camera, USB Camera, capture cards (HDMI, SDI, CVBS)
– Audio source: Built-in Mic, UAC(USB Audio Class)


* Supported Live Streaming servers
– YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Restream, Custom RTMP&RTSP, USTREAM, WOWZA


* Video Size
– SD(640×480), HD(1280×720), FHD(1920×1080) ~ up to UHD(4K, 3840×2160)
(Varies from platforms and smartphone models)


Frequently Asked Questions about CameraFi & Facebook Live of CameraFi Live..

Is there a way to live stream to Facebook using smartphone camera through CameraFi Live?’

You can live stream to Facebook with smartphone camera using CameraFi Live and Facebook website.


What kind of USB camera can I use with CameraFi Live?

There are many kinds of USB cameras that you can use with CameraFi Live. You can use camcorder, DSLR, drone, action cam, wearable camera, microscope, webcam, endoscope etc. Here are the links of kinds of USB camera that can be used for Facebook live streaming and Facebook live streamed videos using USB cameras through CameraFi Live.

1. Camcorder

2. Drone

3. PC: Game Broadcast through connecting PC with HDMI converter

4. Wearable Camera

5. Webcam

6. Microscope

7. Endoscope

How can I live stream to Facebook using camcorders or cameras with HDMI output?

When live streaming to Facebook using camcorders or cameras with HDMI output, you need to have HDMI to UVC converters which convert HDMI to UVC. One example of HDMI to UVC converter is Febon 168 and you can buy this at online CameraFi Store. If interested, click Febon 168 at online CameraFi Store.

Where can I buy USB cameras?

You can buy USB cameras through online or at our CameraFi online store.

What are compatible Android devices and tablets for Facebook Live in CameraFi Live?

There are Android devices and tablets that don’t support USB camera connection, so if your phone doesn’t support USB camera connection, you might not be able to use Facebook Live in CameraFi Live. If you want to find out if your phone is compatible with Facebook Live in CameraFi Live, please refer to Compatible Devices List for Facebook Live of CameraFi Live

Why doesn’t my USB camera work on CameraFi Live?

Please refer to this link: My USB device is not working on CameraFi!!

What are the supported Android OS for CameraFi Live?

CameraFi Live is designed to work on mobile devices running Android version 5.0 and above.