S/W platform that connects USB/Wi-Fi camera to a smartphone.


With wire and wireless connectivity technology connecting diverse devices, we have developed a software platform called CameraFi that can connect diverse wire and wireless cameras to smartphones.

This technology is applied in mobile apps, SDK and Logo Program.

4 Main Features of CameraFi

With these 4 main features, CameraFi is the leading USB camera connectivity technology.

No Rooting
  • Used in non-rooted Android devices
Connect USB Camera
  • Connect UVC camera device directly to smartphone through USB OTG cable without particular convertible device
  • In case of using particular converter, supports various video devices like HDMI, CVBS, etc. besides UVC camera
High Compatibility
  • Smartphone: Supports diverse devices with Android version 4.3 and the above
  • UVC camera: supports UVC 1.1 (Bulk/Isochronous, MJPEG/YUV), UAC 1.0 (Isochronous, PCM) spec compatible devices
Fast processing speed
  • Supports 30 fps in high resolution UVC devices like HD and Full HD with image processing through H/W acceleration

CameraFi Applied Solutions

  • USB camera certification program for camera manufacturers who want to use CameraFi app.